Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our time in Railay comes to a close

We have had a wonderful time on Railay Beach here in Southern Thailand. We have one more day here and fly out to Chiang Mai (northern Thailand) on Tuesday the 20th. Tomorrow we are spending the day Deep Water Soloing. We go with a guide in a longtail boat out to some different rock formations in the ocean (these formations are called karsts) and climb up them. We do this without any gear (ropes, harnesses, etc.) and when we get high enough or too tired, you just jump off backwards and into the water. Don't worry everyone, tourists with much less climbing experience than us do this each day, we will be safe... If you want to see a demo, Travis says you can look it up on youtube.

We've taken a break from climbing ourselves over the last two days and have been busy watching the Krabi Rock and Fire International Competition. Each day from 10-3 was the lead climbing marathon where teams of two climbed as many routes as they could over the five hours. Then there was speed climbing (with many of the same competitors) who tried to outdo each other and get up the route in the least amount of time. It was incredible to see them scrambling up the cliffs! Last night we watched the finals of the fire competition - stick and poi. Also amazing!

We are excited to head to Chiang Mai and take cooking lessons and explore all the markets. We'll keep you posted as our adventure continues....

p.s. we just posted some new pictures!

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I want to see elephant pics!!!