Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ah... Thailand!

 The last couple days have been quite a journey - literally. We took the overnight Darjeeling Mail train to Kolkata and arrived tired and ready to leave India. But we were pleasantly surprised with Kolkata - we were in the non-touristy section so we didn't have to deal with a constant bombardment of food and wares. We were able to wander the town and bit and get some necessary errands done. After a meal at McDonalds - a cultural experience in itself since the menu and atmosphere are completely different, no beef products, a paneer wrap, and security guards at the doors.

Today we flew to Thailand and are already loving it! Everything is cleaner and much more traveler-friendly. We easily booked a hotel room at the airport and caught the 24 hour shuttle to the hotel. It's the cleanest room we've seen in at least a week and we're going to truly enjoy our clean sheets and hot shower tonight!

We're flying to the south of Thailand tomorrow morning - to Krabi. And are already dreaming of the glorious beaches that await us....

More to come soon, as soon as we find internet that is....

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