Monday, April 26, 2010

Off to see the Elephants!

Our last couple days have been great, we spent all of Saturday climbing at the Crazy Horse Cliffs outside of Chiang Mai. They were beautiful limestone formations and we had a blast!

Sunday we lazed around during the day, checking email, doing laundry, watching a bit too much TV.... but we were saving our energy for the Sunday Walking Market that afternoon/evening. The street was closed off and the walking market went for at least a mile. Both sides and the middle of the street were lined with tables selling everything from soap carvings to thai pants to chicken satay. We had a fantastic time wandering the market for hours and bargaining with the vendors.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon exploring the Chiang Mai Zoo. It is a huge and well-kept zoo, on par with other great zoos in the States. We saw their three Pandas, some Malaysian Sun Bears, Penguins, and much more. We also spent some time watching the Asian Elephants in preparation for our next adventure...

Today we are taking a bus to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center near a town called Lampang. We are spending three days there learning about their elephants, how they are trained, bathing them, playing with them, visiting their elephant hospital, etc. It is a highly recommended activity in every book we've read and we're really excited for it! If you want to check out their website, it's There are a bunch of great pictures on it that will give you a better idea about what we're doing.

We'll do an update and lots of elephant pictures when we get back on Friday....

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