Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beaches and Climbing

We made it! We had an easy flight down to Krabi, bus to Ao Nang, then a longtail boat ride to Railay Beach. We have found a nice little bungalow (for 500 baht a night, about 18 US dollars) and rented it for the week. Yesterday we climbed a bit but had to stop in the afternoon because of a torrential rainshower. Today was beautiful, but hot, and Sarah wasn't feeling great, so we relaxed and took it easy - laying on the beautiful beach and napping in bed. We are both eager to get climbing, so hopefully Sarah will feel better tomorrow.

The beach is a gorgeous tan color and the water is picture perfect aquamarine. There aren't any major creatures in this area, so swimming is even better (no sharks, jelly fish, or other crazy animals in the water). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the land. There are gigantic, red and orange centipedes that are about 6 inches long and as wide as your thumb, with tons of creepy crawly legs - yuck! They also happen to be poisonous... We saw three after the rainstorm yesterday and were majorly freaked out! Hopefully that was a rare siting, but probably not....

We are loving the awesome thai food - curries and pad thai galore - and are planning on taking a cooking class on one of our climbing rest days.

That's the update for now, we seem to have found a pretty speedy internet connection and will try to post some Thailand pictures soon.

lots of love to everyone!
S and T

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