Friday, February 5, 2010

An Update... Finally!

Our apologies to everyone who is following our blog, we know it's been way too long since we've given you an update! On the bright side, we have lots of new pictures and events to share with you.

Remember, you can click on the picture slideshow to the right and see all of the pictures in a more viewable
size. We've posted lots of new and great ones!

Since it's been awhile, we are just going to post some highlights about recent events:

Travis has been moved up to Grouse Mountain and has been working very hard up there each day. He is helping with the set up of lights, cameras, and all the cables that go with them. For those of you who don't know, the Today Show will be filming at Grouse Mountain each morning once we get going out here. Travis can also be seen in the background of a local news clip: The small room full of equipment is our transmission room. Then we see Travis is the background taping up his finger while our friend Van is hard at work coiling cable. The red tram they show footage of is what Travis rides up to work each day and what we will all be taking up each night when we start filming live. I am still based at the IBC (International Broadcasting Center) in downtown Vancouver and am keeping very busy with airport pick ups, general errands, and segment research for the producers and production managers. 

We've been eating at lots of great restaurants around town and have definitely found some delicious and cheap local places to go. These include a fantastic Japanese Ramen House, the JappaDog hot dog stand (hot dogs with toppings like bento flakes and nori strips), and a yummy greek wrap place. We're also enjoying the newly expanded menu at the IBC commissary - free food for us NBC employees and it's pretty good too!

I got a chance to go up to Whistler last week and it was beautiful! I also got to see the official bobsledding/luge/skeleton course. It's so big and icy! I can't post those pictures yet (they are very strict about what we can post and write during our time of employment) but one day... Whistler has plenty of snow and the events should be great! The medal ceremony stage is still under construction but it is going to be beautiful!

We are both definitely getting into the flow of work and feeling adjusted to Vancouver. Of course, starting next week, we are going to switch schedules and begin the crazy shifts (probably 2pm to 2am or 10pm to 10am) so we're trying to get lots of sleep and prepare ourselves for that.

Not much exploring happening anymore because we are too busy. Our days generally consist of waking up, getting ready for and going to work, having dinner in the commissary, coming home, going to sleep. So nothing too exciting to share. But the captions on the newly posted pictures will give you a bit more info.

We love you all and are thinking of you often, xoxo