Wednesday, March 10, 2010

still in backwaters

march 10th.  we're back on land but continue to be surrounded by water.   We've just watched another incredible sunset wondering whatever happened to eric.  Last thing we knew he was playing the tabla and getting a lesson.  We imagined that he went home with the instructor.  But that's just us having fun.  Actually he went out on a sunset cruise with the Tabla teacher.  Meanwhile Sarah, travis and I went down the path along the canal and went back to the home to get our fabric fitted.  Let me explain...earlier in the day on a similar walk down the path, we said hi to everyone and talked to a few.  One woman was cleaning her fish and happy to talk with us.  Next thing we knew we were invited into her house.  We were seated, given fresh coconuts to drink and learned about her life.  All the while she continued to cook and care for her 3 year old son.  She excused herself for a moment to take a bath in the canal since her husband (by arranged marriage) would be home shortly to go off to temple.  After her bath, she dressed herself in a beautiful outfit which we of course, complimented.  And then came the offer to buy us fabric in town and her friend could sew us an outfit tonight.  So we went for our fitting and tomorrow we'll get the finished goods by 9am.  At first she said come back at 10 but then remembered that she had to be in the fields working at 10am.  so after a sunrise birdwatching expedition we'll go back to her house and get our outfits.  meanwhile Eric will be taking another tabla lesson. 

To back up just a drop...we had 24 hours on a houseboat through the backwaters of Kerala.  These are people who live among the rice paddies.  this is considered a rice bowl of india.  And I agree with the locals that these are the friendliest people.  We have slowed our pace considerably...yes, this is true for even me.
I can't post any pictures at this moment...but stayed tuned we'll get to it a bit later. 

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Nic said...

I am infinitely jealous of you and your world traveling, Sarah. It looks like you are having a blast.