Thursday, March 11, 2010

kerala, the land of coconuts

The slow life of Kerala is coming to an end.  This morning we joined the naturalist who took us on a bird watching expedition. The kingfisher is one of more magnificent birds I've ever seen. Take a moment and google it to see a picture. we saw at least 3 varieties.  The 28 different birds that we saw were all beautiful so it was a lovely morning.

We leave again, (5 hotels in 5 nights) to go to Cochin...a real city with lots of people. We will be coastal for one more night.  I believe Eric has already got the name of a music shop for us to in Kerala the smell of coconut is everywhere.  we wear it, we eat it, we drink it, you name it they do it. Did we tell you that Sarah and I had a massage which was basically a coconut oil bath...

time to check out...i promise I'll get sarah to post some pictures since I Know you want to see what its all about.

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