Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Greetings

Hello and Happy Holidays!

This is our inaugural post on a blog that we hope to update fairly frequently. Our intent is to keep all of you, family and friends, informed on our travels and adventures.

Most recently, we spent a wonderful week skiing (Sarah) and snowboarding (Travis) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with Travis' family (parents, sisters, aunt, uncle, and cousins). All in all, the 11 of us spent Christmas week flying down the slopes, playing lots of games, and eating way too much food!

We are currently at the family house in the Catskill Mountains of New York (an annual Rubury New Year's tradition). This week consists of more fun in the snow (sledding this time), playing lots of games, and eating way too much food! A holiday pattern is definitely developing...

Travis and I are heading to Vancouver on January 11th to begin six weeks of work for NBC's Today Show at the Olympics! Needless to say, we are very excited! After much searching, we found a (hopefully) nice and fairly affordable place to stay in downtown Vancouver. It is a block away from the SkyTrain and will be a perfect home base while we work in and explore the city.

We return from Vancouver on March 3rd and leave for India on March 5th (Yikes!) with Travis' parents, Leslie and Eric, and sister Carrie. Carrie is already planning to immerse herself fully in India culture (complete with primitive bathroom accommodations and food from carts on the street). Meanwhile, Eric and I are voted most likely to soak in the culture while scouring the town for a Starbucks.

It is going to be a fantastic next couple months and we promise to post pictures and stories as often as possible!

All our love and happy holidays to you all,
Sarah and Travis


Anonymous said...

Iva gotta something important to say and that is that I am looking forward to not only exciting stories but perverse and disgusting ones as well. love you, Auntie Iva

Anonymous said...

May you be blessed with a safe and exciting journey! Can't wait to hear about the Olympics! (and of course India... in March)

Ashley :)

Iva said...

Wow - I'm getting hungry reading about your culinary adventures.

PJ said...

Can't wait to see pictures.
Love and miss you guys